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Key circuits based on innovative design concepts

W. Weber, R. Thewes, S. Jung, C. Lauterbach, and P. Lampacher

pp. 90-91, 1999.

CMOS Fingerprint Sensor with Automatic Local Contrast Adjustment and Pixel Parallel Encoding Logic

S. Jung, R. Thewes, T. Scheiter, K. Goser, and W. Weber

pp. 161-164, 1999. Conference Location: Kyoto, Japan

Trapping mechanisms in negative bias temperature stressed p-MOSFETs

C. Schlünder, R. Brederlow, P. Wieczorek, C. Dahl, J. Holz, M. Roehner, S. Kessel, V. Herold, K. Goser, W. Weber, and R. Thewes,

Volume: 39(6)pp. 821-826, 1999.

Device reliability in analog CMOS applications

R. Thewes, R. Brederlow, C. Schlünder, P. Wieczorek, A. Hesener, B. Ankele, P. Klein, S. Kessel, and W. Weber

pp. 81-84, 1999.

Fluctuations of the low frequency noise of MOS transistors and their modeling in analog and RF-circuits

R. Brederlow, W. Weber, D. Schmitt-Landsiedel, and R. Thewes

pp. 159-162, 1999.

Influence of fluorinated gate oxides on the low frequency noise of MOS transistors under analog operation

R. Brederlow, W. Weber, R. Jurk, C. Dahl, S. Kessel, J. Holz, W. Sauert, P. Klein, B. Lemaitre, D. Schmitt-Landsiedel, and R. Thewes

pp. 472-475, 1998.

Precise quantitative evaluation of the hot-carrier induced drain series resistance degradation in LATID-n-MOSFETs

G. H. Walter, W. Weber, R. Brederlow, R. Jurk, C.G. Linnenbank, C. Schlünder, D. Schmitt-Landsiedel, and R. Thewes

Volume: 38 (6) pp. 1063-1068, 1998.

What do matching results of medium area MOSFETs reveal for large area devices in typical analog applications?

C. G. Linnenbank, W. Weber, U. Kollmer, B. Holzapfl, S. Sauter, U. Schaper, R. Brederlow, S. Cyrusian, S. Kessel, R. Heinrich, E. Hoefig, G. Knoblinger, A. Hesener, and R. Thewes

pp. 104-107, 1998.

Experimental methods for investigating the defect properties of SiO2 in MOS transistors

W. Weber and R. Thewes

Volume: 145 (10) pp. 3638-3646, 1998.

A physically based model for low-frequency noise of poly-Silicon resistors

R. Brederlow, W. Weber, C. Dahl, D. Schmitt-Landsiedel, and R. Thewes

pp. 89-92, 1998.

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