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A low-power and high-performance CMOS fingerprint sensing and encoding architecture

S. Jung, R. Thewes, T. Scheiter, K. Goser, and W. Weber

pp. 324-327, 1998.

Explanation and quantitative model for the matching behavior of poly-Silicon resistors

R. Thewes, R. Brederlow, C. Dahl, U. Kollmer, C.G. Linnenbank, B. Holzapfl, J. Becker, J. Kissing, S. Kessel, and W. Weber

pp. 771-774, 1998.

Hot-Carrier degradation of p-MOSFETs under analog operation

R. Thewes, M. Brox, K. F. Goser, and W. Weber

Volume: 44 (4) pp. 607-617, 1997.

Experimental methods for investigating the properties of SiO2 in MOS-devices

W. Weber and R. Thewes

(1 and 10) p. 413 and pp. 118-133, 1997.

Effects of hot-carrier degradation in analog CMOS circuits

R. Thewes and W. Weber

(36) pp. 285-292, 1997.

On the application of the neuron MOS transistor principle for modern VLSI design

W. Weber, S. J. Prange, R. Thewes, and E. Wohlrab

Volume: 43 (10) pp. 1700-1708, 1996.

Authors' reply to comment on "Hot-hole-induced negative oxide charges in n-MOSFET's

W. Weber, M. Brox, R. Thewes, and N. S. Saks

Volume:43(9 )pp. 1474-1477, 1996.

ROS: An extremely high density mask ROM technology based on vertical transistor cells

E. Bertagnolli, F. Hofmann, J. Willer, R. Maly, F. Lau, P.-W. von Basse, M. Bollu, R. Thewes, U. Kollmer, U. Zimmermann, M. Hain, W. H. Krautschneider, A. Rusch, B. Hasler, A. Kohlhase, and H. Klose

pp. 58-59, 1996. Conference Location: Honolulu, HI, USA

Method for precise determination of the statistical distribution of the input offset voltage of differential stages

R. Thewes, T. Schindhelm, M. Tiebout, E. Wohlrab, U. Kollmer, S. Kessel, D. Schmitt-Landsiedel and W. Weber

Volume: 36 (11-12) pp. 1823-1826, 1996.

Hot-carrier induced degradation of CMOS current mirrors and current sources

R. Thewes, K. Goser, and W. Weber

pp. 885-888, 1996. Conference Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

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