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Imaging local field potentials in the rat barrel cortex
Zitatschlüssel ICIIBMS_Bertotti_24.03.2016
Autor C. Cecchetto, S. Schröder, St. Keil, M. Mahmud, E. Brose, Ö. Dogan, G. Bertotti, D. Wolanski, B. Tillack, J. Schneidewind, H. Gargouri, M. Arens, J. Bruns, B.Szyszka, R. Thewes, and St. Vassanelli
Buchtitel Intelligent Informatics and Biomedical Sciences (ICIIBMS)
Seiten pp.296-299
Jahr 2016
DOI 10.1109/ICIIBMS.2015.7439533
Monat March
Notiz Date of Conference: 28-30 Nov. 2015
Zusammenfassung Local field potentials (LFPs) contain relevant information about neuronal population activity [1]. They are commonly measured in the brain to investigate information processing by neural circuits and for neuroprosthetics applications. We present a novel method allowing for in vivo `electrical imaging' of LFPs. An oxide-insulated neural probe was implanted in the brain of a rat, establishing a capacitive electrical coupling with the nervous tissue. Thanks to a multiplexed array of 256 capacitive micro electrodes, the probe could record two dimensional LFP profiles with unprecedented spatial resolution, down to fifteen micrometers. A recording example within a single-barrel of the somatosensory cortex of an anaesthetized rat is provided.
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